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Android Application Development

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Google's Android is an Open Source Platform that combines the Android Operating System, a string of middleware, and fundamental applications that Google has developed in collaboration with Open Handset Alliance. The Android OS from Google let developers write codes in a Java-based programming language that can leverage Java-libraries developed by Google to create fascinating mobile applications for Android based mobile devices.

The Android OS really offers a host of benefits for the development of applications for Android-based mobile phones. To begin with the kind of liberty that the Android system provides to developers is exemplary. In fact, because the Android platform is open source developers can practically do anything with the operating system. Plus they can also gain from the immense pool of knowledge created by developers constantly experimenting with the open source platform. Particularly, when compared to other SmartPhone platforms, the Android platform has a lot more in store for developers helping them expand the horizons of custom apps development. The freedom offered by the platform is engaging and exciting for developers and incites them to come up with one of innovative application after another.

Google provides access to a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Android Operating System. All application developers working on the Android platform follow this SDK to develop application for the Android-based devices. Also, there is an integrated Android Simulator, which helps developers to test their applications before they load them on to real-life mobile devices. The functionality of standard Android Mobile handsets can be increased and their performance improved when loaded with custom Android applications. The specialized Android App Developers at Karmick Solutions follow the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop unique apps exclusively for your Android mobiles devices.

Anybody, who is even slightly familiar with the mobile application development scenario would know that the future so the Android platform is nothing short of promising, simple because of the amount of flexibility offered by the platform. Android applications are compatible with all networks, and the consumers around the world are impressed with the spontaneous design of the Android phones and their capability to work with revolutionary applications that change the whole experience of mobility. At Karmick we provide a vast range of services for Android Application development that includes designing and installation of web applications, Java applications, rich media solutions, utility application, and several others.

Our team of specialized Android developers have experience in working with several types of Android apps, namely:
  • Rich Media Applications
  • Travel Apps
  • Networking and Communication Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Utility Apps
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