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Four Simple Steps To Getting Started

Starting off on the hire iPhone developer platform is fairly easy. You can follow these simple steps to hire a mobile application developer and start work within a days time, or even less!

1. Select Specialisation

Even before you can get started with hiring a mobile application developer for your project, you must assess the nature of your work.

Depending your requirements you may decide to hire an iPhone application developer or an Android Application development specialist.

We give you complete freedom in deciding whom to hire for your project. You may look through the profiles yourself, or rely on us to suggest you developer profiles based on your requirements.


2. Select Your Mode Of Payment

After you have decided on a developer profile and want to proceed with the hiring procedure, you need to take a decision about the terms of contract.

We give you absolute freedom in this aspect, and depending on the requirements of your project you may choose to hire a mobile application developer on full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.


3. Interaction & Payment

Once you have selected a developer profile and decided on the terms of hiring, you can proceed to conduct a round of interaction with the developer to before finalising the appointment.

Of course, you reserve the right to finalize the appointment of a developer or not. However, if you decide to appoint a developer, all you need to do is make an advance payment, and you could get started right away!

4. Work Begins

Once a developer is selected and briefed about a project, and you have made an advance payment, you can go ahead and flash the green signal. Work will begin.

You interact with the developer regularly, send them work, and they ensure that you get regular updates and status reports. Our able project management team keeps a tab on the progress of the project to ensure that you get the quality of delivery that is associated with KSPL.

At the end of each term you may decide to renew the contract, review it, or call it quits

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